Duben 2014

First day of rest of my life

8. dubna 2014 v 0:28 words

So, you're trying whole day to find answer on elementary question, just poor stupid dificult question: what's your shitty life about. You're trying to see yourself from another point of view, another Cornner of room.
And thruth is that you're scared as fvck of truth. Just like everyone else.
So, can you describe, what have you seen?
I saw creature X, little something, lost in whole wide world and dancing on sharp of knife. That weirdo is simply wasting time.How rude!
X is waking up in morning, trying not to fall asleep again and not to be dickhead. In deep depression is X walking into school, in smelly old clothes (maybe), without brain and smile- both of them X left home.
X is acting awkward role in PE, X is sitting in a clasroom, X is faking smile and counting secons till bell ringing.
Okay. Nothing special, right?
X is trying to escape to voices in head. Thoughts, hurting killing thoughts. X is hiding. X is making mistakes and running in circles. X is going home, watching bullshits in television, learning, eating. X has a lot of walls inside of head.
Beacause in moments of loneliness X can feel insanity, unstopabble and biting.
But not today, not tomorrow…
First day of rest of X's life…